About Junior Roller Derby

Mission Statement

The Greater Edmonton Junior Roller Derby Association is a junior roller derby league based in Edmonton, Alberta. Our mission is to empower youth and build their confidence so they can embrace their individualism in a fun, safe, respectful environment where skaters of all abilities can explore the sport of flat track roller derby.

Our Vision

In the years to come, The Greater Edmonton Junior Roller Derby Association will continue to be the go-to Junior League in the city of Edmonton. Our continued growth will focus on inclusion, acceptance, and fair play for all skaters. We will strive to provide the best experience we can for young people wanting to enjoy participating in the sport of flat track roller derby, through co-operation with local adult women’s roller derby leagues, as well as other partners in the community. We will continue to train youth that are great skaters, fair players and good citizens representing the city of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Who Can Play?

If you are between the age of and 17 we would love to have you!


All of our coaches and trainers have proven extensive backgrounds in the sport of flat track roller derby and are either coaches, players or referees with the various surrounding adult leagues in our city. Our trainers all have to pass a criminal records check and are screened to ensure they are providing our players with the very best training available and are suited to training youth. All of our coaches either possess or are working towards their coaching certification in the province of Alberta.


Do I need to know how to skate? NO! You can be a very experienced skater, or a person that has never put on skates in their life. We will teach you everything you need to know in a safe and fun environment. Sign up for our Crash Course

Can BOYS join?

Absolutely! We are a co-ed league.

Can I wear Roller Blades?

No. Roller derby is played wearing quad roller or derby skates, which are widely available these days.
We can provide information and resources to help parents find the necessary equipment to play.

What kind of Equipment do I need?

To play Roller Derby a player MUST have skates, knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards, an approved helmet, and lastly a mouth guard.Is this like the Roller Derby game you see in some movies?Sort of. Traditional banked track roller derby has influenced the game we play, and there are many similarities, however, GEJRDA plays the game of Flat Track Roller Derby. Our game is played on a flat concrete or wooden surface with a track either painted or taped on. There are penalties for illegal hits, pushing, tripping and many other infractions. Fighting is forbidden and results in immediate expulsion from bouts, practices, or scrimmages. GEJRDA governs itself by
the rules of JRDA, or the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association.

When can I start?

GEJRDA sessions run year round. We do take a break in the summer months from regular practice, however there are often events that juniors can take part in at that time, such as outdoor skating with other juniors or organized league events. Please see our Event Calendar/Schedule for practice times and sessions.

***Please note registrations are not complete without payment. Any fees paid to the league are non-refundable. ***