Why Should the adults have all the fun??

Ahhh….the age old question, “Why should the adults have all the fun?” The answer is they shouldn’t and that is why we have Junior Roller Derby. Youth can be empowered and fabulous and have all the fun that the adults […]

We started laughing and talking and from there on, she was my jammer and I was her 4.

Guest Blogger P.OD Pippy (Kristen Antosh) I joined Roller Derby when I was eleven years old. Instantly, the sport became my favourite activity. I wore my roller skates in the house, running into walls and bumping into appliances. I knew […]

From Guest Blogger Wild Rose All Star White Poison “You will never, ever, ever play roller derby”

The first time I heard about roller derby was when I was eleven years old. I was reading the Edmonton Journal over my mom’s shoulder when an article about the new Greater Edmonton Junior Roller Derby Association caught my eye. […]

Wrapping up another season….

Photos courtesy of WarrenBruns.com Our Level 2 skaters travelled to beautiful Fernie B.C. this past weekend to take on the challenge of playing Avalanche City’s BombsQUAD. Both teams stepped up their game impressively playing a full bout short benched, Fernie […]