HEAT PRESSING AT E-Ville Roller Derby Game Saturday- Support the GEJRDA ALL STARS

Some of our GEJRDA All Stars will be Heat Pressing names and numbers for $15 at the E-Ville Game @ Kingsway Hangar Saturday night to raise money for their trip to Wild West Showdown 2014. Heat press and supplies generously […]

If you can make it there…..

Hey there kids, Meet Jerry Selter His father Leo had was one of America‚Äôs great promoters and Jerry has followed in his footsteps since 1958, going from Roller Derby promoter (SF Bay Bombers) to television syndicator, to BASS tickets and […]


REGISTER NOW FOR A NEW SEASON OF ROLLER JUNIOR ROLLER DERBY The physical benefits of Roller Skating are apparent for youth and body image. Youth in sport, especially Roller Derby have an uncharacteristic relationship with their bodies where they […]